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Sedation Dentistry

Are you anxious or fearful about seeing the dentist?

Helping our patients get to the source of their dental fears and anxiety and working with them to improve or even eliminate those obstacles is one of Dr. Gutierrez’s favorite career challenges. He is a compassionate listener who offers concrete guidance and relaxation tips for added calm in the dental chair—and if you still need some extra assistance to help you relax, nitrous oxide sedation is an available option for your dental treatment.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas or simply “nitrous”) has been safely used as a method of dental sedation since the 1800s.


Conscious sedation means the patient remains awake for the entire procedure.

Other nitrous oxide facts include:

  • Nitrous oxide is the mildest conscious sedation method.
  • In certain cases, nitrous oxide can even be used for pediatric dentistry procedures.
  • Breathed through a mask during the procedure, the nitrous oxide is switched to oxygen for a few minutes at the end of your appointment so you can safely drive yourself home.

Calm, Cool & Collected

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