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Technology & Products

Our machines and methods diagnose, treat, prevent and maintain oral health.

Advanced technology makes dentistry more effective, more efficient, and frankly—more fun! Our team loves showing you what we see in your mouth to increase your understanding of any treatment we recommend—and you also get the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and have them answered for your own peace of mind. Digital x-rays and intraoral cameras enable us to provide the most precise diagnoses, while products like dry mouth/saliva substitute and Philips® Sonicare toothbrushes are tools that go home with you to assist with cavity and gum disease prevention in your everyday life.

Headache Therapy—Without Drugs

TruDenta® is a revolutionary treatment that has allowed thousands of migraine sufferers to live pain-free. For more details, see our TMJ/TMD and Headache Therapy page.


What’s so great about digital x-rays?

Without the use of old-school film, diagnostics are faster and more accurate.
  • Images are transferred directly to a computer screen for viewing.
  • You and the team can see what’s happening at the same time.
  • Diagnosis is more precise; treatment plans are easier to understand.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral Cameras See What the Naked Eye Can’t

An intraoral cameras (IOC) is used by Dr. Gutierrez to show you an interior view of your mouth. Lightweight, compact, and not much larger than a writing pen, the intraoral camera is easy to maneuver and able to get detailed views of areas inside the mouth that would be impossible to see clearly otherwise. IOCs utilize LED lighting and strong magnification to generate crisp, precise images, while software capabilities allow image manipulation to bring pertinent details to the attention of both doctor and patient for clearer communication and productive treatment planning.

T-Scan Occlusal Analysis

T-Scan™ Novus™ gives Dr. Gutierrez the ability to view the unique occlusion of your bite so issues can be treated before they become a problem.


Fight Cavities & Gum Disease at Home

Royal Dental Care carries products to help you practice optimal oral hygiene.
  • Dry mouth/saliva substitute helps prevent bad breath and gum disease.
  • Electric toothbrushes may make brushing easier and more effective. We recommend the Philips® Sonicare toothbrush for its unique features and cleaning power. Ask us for details!

Updated Technology, Timeless Smiles

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